Truth of Eden

first session

The crew of The Knights Gambit arrived at AV10398-BD without incident. Upon arriving they foun themselves in a five planet system that initial sensor readings were showing to be fairly well endowed with useful resources. Most importantly was the third planet which turned out to be a new Garden World.
Any excitement over the find was quickly dampened when they spotted a freighter hanging in orbit over the planet. Attempts to contact the other inhabitants proved to be useless and after boarding the ship the crew found it to be empty, the freighter’s entire compliment having gone to the planet 5 days previous.

While examining the ship’s records they found video of the crew members going into the jungles of one of the southern hemispphere continents and disappearing. Three days later when the survey sat that had recorded them returned they were still no where to be found but an emergency beacon was now playing from roughly 2 kilometers into the jungle.

Armed with this information the survey team prepared for a rescue operation and descended to the planet.


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