House Rules

House Rules –

Health – Using Wound Points(WP) and Vitality Points(VP) instead of Massive Damage Threshold and Hit Points.
* Any effect that increases MDH increases WP instead.
* Any effect that increase HP increases VP instead.
* Characters take damage to VP first and then WP when their VP runs out.
* Any character that takes WP damage must make a fort save DC 5+Damage dealt or be knocked unconscious, a success makes the character exhausted.
* Critical Hits go directly to WP damage.
* A character reduced to 0 WP is critically wounded. Roll a d8 to see how the character is wounded – 1 Left Leg, 2 Right Leg, 3 Left Arm, 4 Right Arm, 5-6 Torso, 7 Head, 8 Dead
Critical Wounds: A character with a critical wound will require heavy surgical intervention or cybernetic replacement to repair the damage.
* Arm Wound: While the character has an injured arm Strength is reduced by 2, in addition they take a -4 penalty to Climb, Swim, Tumble, Pilot, Ride, Drive and Balance checks. In addition they may not wield any item or weapon that requires 2 arms. These Penalties are cumulative per arm.
* Leg Wound: While the character has an injured leg Dexterity is reduced by 2, base speed is reduced by 5ft, and the character takes a -4 penalty on Climb, Swim, Tumble, Pilot, Ride, Drive, and Balance checks. A character with both legs critically injured may only crawl unless confined to a wheelchair.
* Torso: While the character has an injured torso Constitution is reduced by 2, The character’s VP is reduced by 5, and their condition cannot improve beyond fatigued. VP and WP are reduced as usual for the current Constitution Modifier.
* Head: While the character has a critical head wound their Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma are reduced by 2 and they have a 20% chance to be striken deaf, dumb, and/or blind (roll for each). These penalties are cumulative per head wound.
Surgically Repairing Critical Wounds: A character can treat a critical wound with surgery. The DC to treat a critical wound takes a DC30 Treat Injury roll and 6 hours. Each successful surgery removes 1 critical injury. A character cannot be operated on more than once per 24 hours.

Critical Range – Critical hits deal damage directly to WP. All critical multipliers are reduced by 1 (x3>x2 x2>x1)

Wealth – Wealth rolls will not be used and instead will a regular monetary system. To find the cost of standard gear refer to the guidelines below.

GearDC x 7
Weapons/ArmorDC x 17
VehiclesDC x 1000
LiscensesModifier x 100
CyberneticsDC x 22
Robot BaseDC x 155
Robot PartsDC x 35
AmmunitionDC x 3

House Rules

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