Knight's Gambit

The Knight’s Gambit

The Knight’s Gambit started off life as a Terran Union fleet collier and mine layer. Consisting core hull and four modular storage bays, the Gambit is an interstellar craft that has been outfitted for exploration and salvage. The Gambit still bears moderate armor and it point defense rail guns as well astwo decommisioned missile launchers forward and one aft launcher.
The ship contains three separate computer networks; OpSys,CrewSys, and LabSys. All three networks are physically separated and maintained for specific purposes.
OpSys: This network manages access to the ship’s contolls, navigation computer, engineering systems, and fire control. Only Penny, the captain, and Jeremiah have access to this system.
CrewSys: This network is public access on the ship it maintains a robust library of both reference and entertainment materials. Access to CrewSys grants a +5 equipment bonus on knowledge and research checks.
LabSys: LabSys is the stand alone network for the Lab Module. All crew members can access LabSys while in the Lab Module. Access to LabSys grants a +8 equipment bonus to knowledge and research checks.


Bridge: The bridge contains 4 duty stations that can be configured to perform piloting,navigation,fire controll, or engineering tasks.
Pilot: the pilot console contains all of the controlls for running the ship. A character with access to the pilot console may move the ship in regular space or activate the HM Drive. Without access to the navigation console any jumps made with the HM Drive suffer a -10 penalty to the navigation and pilot checks.
Navigation: The navigation console grants access to the ship’s NavComp granting a +10 equipment bonus to navigate checks
Engineering: The engineering console grants the character access to all of the ships core systems. A character with this access can perform damage control actions, jettison the cargo modules, control life support, and shut down the ships reactors and engines.
Fire Control: The fire control console grants access to the ship’s fire control computer as well as its point defense guns and missile control. Access to the fire control computer grants a +2 bonus on attack rolls with the ship’s weapons.
The OpSys VI can control any of these stations. A character with access to OpSys can slave any console to any duty station or multiple consoles to a single station. When multiple consoles are slaved to a single station the user of that station suffers a -2 penalty for each console they have control of. Assigning a console to a station is a DC10 computer use check. Slaving multiple consoles is a DC15 computer use check.
In addition to the duty stations, the bridge also contains the following equipment: 1 Spacesuit, 2 Basic Electrical Toolkits, 2 Basic Mechanical Toolkits, and 2 Fire Extinguishers.
Crew Quarters: There are 15 crew berths on the Gambit. Each berth measures 25ftx25ftx12ft and contains a bed that recesses into the floor, a desk with terminal to access CrewSys that can retract into the wall as well as an show and toilet unit and a closet. Crew members are allowed to decorate their berths as they see fit.
Lab Module: The Lab Module is a converted cargo bay that has been outfitted with advanced chemical and biological analysis equipment. The lab is kept completely isolated from the rest of the ships systems. It draws power from the ship’s reactors but maintains its own life support and computer systems. Access to the lab from the ship involves passing through an airlock equipped with sensors that detect biological or chemical contaminates or through and external docking port that is used when the shuttle returns with samples. All characters have access to LabSys the lab module’s stand alone network. The lab also contains the following equipment- 4 isolation suits, 1 mastercraft +4 chemical tool kit, 1 mastercraft +4 biological toolkit, 1 first aid kit, 2 weeks worth of food and water for 2 people and a chemical synthesizer
Fabrication Module: The fabrication module is a converted cargo bay that has been outfitted as a workshop. The module includes several workbenchs and an autofab unit. The module contains the following equipment- 2 mastercraft +4 mechanical toolkits, 2 mastercraft +4 structural toolkit, fire extinguisher, 4 sets of mining tools, AutoFab Unit

Knight's Gambit

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